Evan Heiser

One of the best local shops in Burlington! The wine selection is great, the service is tremendous, and the other items are really good. They have a great coffee bean selection, nice small selection of gourmet food, and fun gifts!

Max Lloyd

Locally-owned wine shop with some real finds. Blaine is knowledgeable and friendly. A couple tables are available to enjoy a glass or bottle at the store. Nice non-wine gift ideas as well.

Vicki’s Keto Way Of Life

This place is awesome for specialty coffees, wines, and beers with a whole array of little awesome finds, from jewelry, to stem wear, to specialty candy, cheese etc. Family owned and operated and you won’t find better service anywhere. You can even sit and drink...

Caroline Veno

Locally owned. Great selection of wine, as well as craft beers. The owner will special order anything for you if it is possible. Shop local & support a great business.

Clifton Hall

If you like to shop for culinary treats like coffees, chocolates, quality beer, and wine, along with various cooking utensils, plus nick nacks then this is your place. It also has a self serve wine dispenser and alcohol can be consumed on premises. They also have wine...